How a knee scooter can improve your health

If you have suffered a broken foot or leg, you may have decided to rent or buy a knee scooter—a four-wheeled scooter that allows you to rest your knee while your other leg walks normally. You will already know that such devices are convenient and comfortable, but did you know that they can also improve your health?

Firstly, using a knee scooter will help you keep your level of general fitness. Because you will be able to walk around at your normal pace, and even faster, you will continue to receive the benefits of walking as an aerobic exercise and give your cardiovascular system a workout. Hobbling along on crutches is less likely to be good exercise, and the inconvenience means you may be tempted to stay on the sofa. With a knee scooter you will want to get out and about, and reap the benefits of exercise.

Secondly, a knee scooter means that you will keep using your muscles. Using crutches for long periods can lead to muscle atrophy around the hips and upper legs, as these muscles are no longer being used to their normal extent. With a knee scooter, you are using your body as near to normal as possible, meaning that you keep your normal levels of strength. There are even stretching and tension exercises that you can do whilst on your scooter, ensuring that muscle wastage is kept to a minimum.

Thirdly, using a knee scooter avoids strains and minor injuries. Crutches place extra strain on the hands and armpits as the body's weight is supported in unnatural ways, which can result in skin irritation, strains, bruising and even nerve damage. A scooter allows you to balance your weight in the same way you are used to, so that you do not risk pulling a muscle or getting a friction burn.

And finally, using a knee scooter will improve your mood. Staying positive is proven to improve general health as well as boost the healing process, and you will find this much easier if you have same kind of easy mobility you had before your accident - not to mention the fun of scooting around the park.

Everyone needs to look after their health, and with the help of a knee scooter, you can ensure that an injury to one part of your body needn't lead to a decline in your general fitness level overall.